Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

This boardgame manager was designed to efficently organize your boardgame library, eliminating the clutter found in other apps. It is simple and clean. Most of all, it is usable.

Manage your boardgames

With GameApp, add, edit, and manage your games with all the relevant details the geek in you needs without the clutter and noise found elsewhere.

Rules Refresh

Quickly access Quick Rules, instead of reading through the game's full rulebook, when you're ready to play but only need a rule refresh.

Log Gameplays

When did you play? How many times have you played? Who did you play with? Who won? Who has the highscore? Track these with GameApp.


Want that hot new boardgame? Put it on your Wishlist! Then, drop subtle hints to your family and friends by, blatantly, sharing it with them.

Stats Dashboard

Keep track of the games you need to brush up on, those that need rules, the number of games you own, the value of your library, and other fun stats.

Searchable and Sortable

All the data you collect for a game is fully sortable and searchable through the app. Having a party? Filter your games to see which would work!

Social...but Secure

All of your Library and Wishlist data is defaulted to "private" so you don't have to worry about other people seeing it if you don't want them to.

BGG Integration

For your convenience, quickly search for games, see their ratings and reviews, and add their data or your BGG Collections to your Game Library.


Reference GameApp, cleanly, in desktop AND mobile environments so you can use it WHILE playing your games rather than before or after.

Boardgame bliss starts now!

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You have a game library. Use it!

GameApp will help you turn your game library into usable fun. Take the uncertainty out of what you have, what you don't know, and what you do, and start playing those fun games you haven't in a while! It's free, so sign up today! Still not convinced? Read more!